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About Wanderers Alliance
The Wanderers Alliance brings together casual social kinships on the Crickhollow server.  Our kins are bound by the idea that we are not mere drifters in Middle-earth.  Sometimes it may appear that a casual kin has no goals.  On the contrary, we know that our members have many goals that we would like to achieve together.  We may not be the first ones to get to a raid--though we may be the first to get to a festival eating contest.  Some of our members participate in all of the endgame content and others still haven't hit level 50 after three years in the game.  This Alliance seeks to help both sorts of players and all in between by working together on game content and organized merriment.

Started by three of the oldest kinships on Crickhollow, our foundation is strong and our membership involved and active.  If you would like more information on our kins, please visit the member websites listed on the left side of this page.  If you wish to join as an individual outside of the allied kins, please submit an application.  Kin leaders are also welcome to apply on behalf of their kinships.
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